Availability Calendar

The calendar below details all bookings of the Centre. Unless specified all bookings shown provide the user with exclusive use of the entire Centre. 

Bookings of the Centre will not be accepted closer than 2 hours before the scheduled start time. 

If you hover over or click a particular booking you will see what time that booking starts and finishes and details if the booking is not for all three lanes*.

*Approved and qualified coaches are able to book a lane for their coaching sessions, fees apply. When this happens the Availability Calendar will show which lane has been booked. The other lanes will be available for other users.  

For inquiries regarding use of the Centre email Trevor Hammond on tsct@xtra.co.nz or phone him on 0204 006 3236.


When Access Card Holders present their card at the card reader the door will unlock for five seconds to allow them to open the door and enter the Centre. If the door is not opened within five seconds it will re-lock and the access card will need to presented at the reader again. Once the card holder is in the Centre the door will close, lock and remain locked.

In the event any members of a group do not enter the Centre with the Access Card Holder or leave the Centre and return later they will need to press the doorbell button, located above the card reader, to advise that they have arrived. The door can then be unlocked by someone in the Centre using the door release button, located in front of the viewing area, or someone can go to the door and open it. When the door closes it will re-lock.

The door can be opened manually from the inside by anyone at any time. 


When required the lights in the car park can be turned on by following the instructions below.  

Press the on button located in the bottom of the two grey switch boxes on the side of the green shed (by nets as you cross the bridge and enter the park),  once the button is pushed a timer takes over and the lights will turn on. They will turn off  after 3-4 hours.

There is a lux meter connected to the lights so they won’t run if it is not dark enough.  


Someone over wound the winder when raising the black net that is used in front of the cricket bowling machine. As a result the cable has snapped. Repairs to the cable cannot be undertaken until Thursday 27 February. Meantime the net cannot be lowered.  The bowling machine can be used but extra care will need to be taken. We apologise for any inconvenience. 


The new pitching machine has arrived and is up and running. Please take care as it probably pitches the balls faster than the old machine. Would appreciate any feedback regarding the new machine from our softball users.    

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