Availability Calendar

COVID – 19 Level 2

The following are amendments to the conditions of use of the Centre by access card holders required because of Covid – 19.

The person whose access card is used to enter the Centre is required to ensure these requirements are met and adhered to by all in their group.  

Do not enter the Centre if you’re sick especially if reporting any flu like symptoms.

All people entering the Centre, even briefly, must:

  • Enter their details in the Contact Tracing Log located on the table in the foyer. When Contact Tracing Log pages are full please push the completed pages under the office door.
  • Apply hand sanitiser. It is also recommended that everyone applies hand sanitiser again when leaving the Centre.

Maintain at least 1 metre physical distancing at all times. Physical distancing of 2 meters should be maintained from people you don’t know.    

Disposable gloves are to be worn by anyone:

  • Moving or using the cricket bowling or softball pitching machines,
  • Using the balls for the machines,
  • Moving the cricket wickets or football goal posts and
  • Raising and lowering any nets.

Used gloves must be placed in the rubbish bin in the Centre, one of the bins outside the Centre or be taken away by the user.   

All payments required for the use of the Centre are to be made by bank transfer to the Trust’s bank account, Trentham Sports Centre Trust, account number 01 0771 0090876 00 with your name in the reference field. 

Surfaces in the Centre will be cleaned regularly.

The calendar below details all bookings of the Centre. Unless specified all bookings shown provide the user with exclusive use of the entire Centre. 

Bookings of the Centre will not be accepted closer than 2 hours before the scheduled start time. 

If you hover over or click a particular booking you will see what time that booking starts and finishes and details if the booking is not for all three lanes*.

*Approved and qualified coaches are able to book a lane for their coaching sessions, fees apply. When this happens the Availability Calendar will show which lane has been booked. The other lanes will be available for other users.  

For inquiries regarding the Centre email Trevor Hammond on tsct@xtra.co.nz or phone him on 0204 006 3236.


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