Availability Calendar

Booking the Centre

Bookings cannot be made on line. All booking requests must be sent by email to tsct@xtra.co.nz. Please check the Availability Calendar to ensure the date and time of your proposed booking(s) is available before submitting booking requests.  

All bookings of the Centre are required to be recorded on the Availability Calendar at least 2 hours before the start time of the booking. To enable this to be achieved booking requests should be submitted as early as possible to give the Trust sufficient time to process the request and record it on the Availability Calendar. If booking requests are received close to the proposed start time the Trust cannot guarantee the bookings will be able to be processed in time to meet the 2 hour requirement.  

Where a booking request is for a start time of 10.00am or earlier the booking request must be received by the Trust before 8.00pm the night before.

The above also applies to bookings of individual lanes for one on one coaching where the coach is being paid for their services, see below. 

Bookings will not be accepted for dates more than 12 months in advance.  

If you click on a particular booking on the Availability Calendar you will see the time the booking starts and finishes and details if the booking is not for all three lanes.

Individual lanes at the Centre cannot be booked. The only exception to this for approved and qualified coaches who are charging for their services. The person or the parent/care giver of the person being coached must be the holder of an Unlimited or Limited Hours Access Card or a Casual Access Card. Casual Access Card holders are required to pay $20 per hour for the use of the lane. When coaches have made bookings the Availability Calendar will specify which lane(s) have been booked. The other lanes will be available for Casual, Unlimited and Limited Hours Access Card holders to use with a maximum of four people. Those lanes cannot be booked or used by teams/groups. 

For inquiries regarding  booking the Centre please email Trevor Hammond on tsct@xtra.co.nz.

The calendar below details all bookings of the Centre and if the Centre is closed for maintenance or cleaning . Unless specified otherwise all bookings shown provide the user with the exclusive use of all three lanes. 

22 Mon
12:00 am
1:00 am
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11:00 am
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
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