Using the Bola Bowling Machine

It should be remembered the bowling machine is potentially dangerous if not operated responsibility.

Under no circumstances is the machine to be operated by anyone under the age of 16.

People operating the machine must follow these instructions.

Batters must wear protective equipment, helmets with face guards, pads, gloves etc, and be constantly aware of the machine and the operator.

Operators must always be aware of the speed of the machine. Increases in speed should only be made with the full knowledge of the batter. Remember the machine is for the benefit of the batter, not the operator.

The machine is only to be operated in lane 1. The net in front of the machine and the net behind it can be lowered if required

The balls supplied, or the same type of balls that are personally owned, are the only balls that may be used in the machine. Regulation cricket balls are not to be used under any circumstances.

Turning the machine on

Plug the power lead attached to the machine into the mains supply at the base of the side net. Then press the on/off button on the control panel. Do not commence using the machine until the green ready light on the control panel is illuminated. 

Turning the machine off

Press the On/Off button to turn the machine off. The machine must be turned off and unplugged at the end of every use. Take care when unplugging the machine. Hold the plugs of the power cord and the cord to the machine when unplugging the bowling machine

Ball speed

The machine is set in KPH. The speed can be adjusted by pressing the Up and Down buttons on the control panel.

Bias – Swing

The amount of swing can be adjusted to the left or right by pressing the appropriate Bias button.

Length Adjustment

For fine length adjustment turn the black knob facing the operator clockwise to increase the length of delivery and anti-clockwise to shorten it.

Line Adjustment

For fine line adjustment turn the black knob facing to the side of the machine clockwise to move the line of delivery to the left and anti-clockwise to move it to the right.


After any adjustments to the machine the operator should feed some balls through to ensure the adjustments have been made correctly.

Operators must ensure the batter is ready before putting any balls through the machine.

Operators should raise each ball above their head prior to putting it in the machine to indicate to the batter that a ball is about to be delivered.

On completion of use the machine all balls are to be returned to the ball bucket.

The machine can be left in lane 1 and the nets in front of and behind it, if used, left down at the end of a session. 

Should the machine not operate or stop functioning check that it is plugged in correctly and the is power turned on. If the machine still does not operate, unplug it and advise Trevor Hammond on 020 4006 3236.