About Us


In 1996 Junior Cricket Upper Hutt had a dream. The thriving club with over 500 junior members decided that quality indoor cricket practice facilities were required at Trentham Memorial Park. The proposed facility was to be an asset to

  • The Upper Hutt community
    • Young people and families associated with junior cricket
    • Other sports and activities in the region were to benefit
  • Players using the new facilities.

1996 to 2002

An enthusiastic team promoted the dream and gained the support of many individuals and organisations in the community. Financial contributions from many community funding agencies as well as individuals resulted in the training Centre being opened in November 2002 by the Minister of Sport. The initial ‘seeding grant’ of $100,000 from the Community Trust of Wellington was the key to the success of the project. Without this significant public initial support the project would have floundered.

Having created the Trentham Indoor Sports Centre

Junior Cricket wisely decided that an independent Trust should be established to oversee, maintain and develop the Centre while the club concentrated on running their club for junior cricketers. The result was the formation of the Trentham Sports Centre Trust who was mandated to administer and manage the centre.

The Trust has fulfilled its obligation and carried out a considerable number of improvements to the Centre and its equipment. This included a 108sqm extension in 2007 to provide more storage areas and create the new training/meeting room facility. A $72,000 upgrade was completed in 2012 with new carpet,netting,lighting and equipment being installed. The value of the Centre has been enhanced significantly and the facility is maintained in top class condition.

Ongoing co-operation with junior Cricket

The Trust works co-operatively with junior cricket, the owners of the building. Junior cricket receives concessions and priorities in relation to the use of the Centre and its related training and coaching programmes.

How and Why Trust was formed

  • The Trentham Sports Centre Trust was established in July 2002 by Junior Cricket Upper Hutt (JCUH) and operates under a trust deed which details its mandate and legal obligations
  • the primary mandate is to manage the operation of the Trentham Sports Centre, a community resource owned by junior cricket , and to promote the Centre’s use and development
  • the Trust was established to free junior cricket from the administraion duties associated with running a major sports Centre and allow the club to focus on its primary purpose; promoting junior cricket.

Relationship with Junior Cricket

  • Community funding and support were key elements in the creation of the Centre
  • Promotions emphasised the proposed Centre would be a community resource available to a range of sports and activity groups
  • The primary role played by Junior cricket in planning and building the Centre is acknowledged in the Trust deed as is the special relationship between the club and the Trust.